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    Safety Studies

    We are leading safety consultants for Oil & Gas Industries in India, our safety experts provide cost effectivesolutions which will mitigate any inherent hazards present in the plant and identify future potential hazards. Therefore increasing the overall safety of your plant, thereby increasing production and safety standards of your plant to international standards. 

    We provide solutions such as: 

    • QRA
    • Safety Cases such as COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard), HAZID
    • Bow Tie Analysis
    • Barrier Studies using Swiss Cheese methodology
    • Emergency Response and Planning 
    • HAZOP
    • HSE Audit and Management
    • Process Safety
    • Incident Investigation
    • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Determination in Compliance to IEC 61511  

    We have provided the above mentioned services to internationally reputed Oil & Gas Industries and other process Industries in India. 


    Asset Installation

    We provide Pre commissioning, Commissioning and Decommissioning of various Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms and Assets. 


    • Pre Commissioning: verifies the functional operability of equipments, devices and other parts of the plant/ asset to ensure that the equipment and the asset will be able to perform its specified task. Hence technical integrity of the plant is intact as each stage is reviewed and any safety hazards arising while pre commissioning such as modifications and deviation in structure or operating philosophy is addressed and mitigated. 

    • Commissioning: installation of the asset in its desired location, and hooking up of various instruments, equipment, devices to the asset/plant which will enable it to achieve it's operational goal. After pre commissioning stage, the original equipment layout plan and its operational capabilities undergo various modification and re design to full fill the operational goal of the asset. Testing of operational capabilities of equipment, devices and condition monitoring them, running loop tests and various other tests to ensure every equipment and devices are ready for start up. Conducting Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) for all production and auxiliary equipments and identifying any hazards which may have not been mitigated in the previous stages to ensure plant integrity for smooth safe start up of plant or RFSU. 

    • De commissioning: After the plant/ asset has served its useful life, and when it is no longer financially viable the plant/asset has to be decommissioned (taken apart) in a safe, secure manner to ensure there is minimal impact to the crew, environment and any hazzard which may arise while scraping the plant and its axauliries. Each step has to be documented and has to comply with environmental and legal compliances in the decommissioning process. 
    We have provided similar services to various Internationally reputed Oil & Gas firms abroad and in India


    Project Co-ordination

    We provide our expert technical advice and solutions in every step of Oil & Gas project Management the right from the conceptual stage to terminating stage. 

    A glimpse of our solutions we provide: 
    • Completion Assurance
    • Ready for Start Up (RFSU)
    • Scope Management 
    • Time Management 
    • Resource Management 
    • Quality Management 
    • Procurement Management 
    • Communication Management


    Organisational Safety Culture Model

    Having the right person at the right time can prevent Accidents (Major Accident Hazzard) and Loss of control. Having competent workforce will increase the safety of the organisation and organisational efficiency  



    Competency: The ability to demonstrate knowledge and practical skills to carry out a task safely, at an appropriate pace, consistently within a defined level of responsibility, and to deal with abnormal or emergency situations effectively.


    Frontline personnel: Managers/ Engineers/ Supervisors/ Technicians / Operators/ of Operations and Maintenance. Logistics staff, support stuff and others who are required to manage, supervise, or undertake safety critical task or perform any safety critical role are categorised as frontline personnel. In other word this is Front Line Barrier Management (FLBM).


    A basic requirement in any Major Accident Hazard (MAH) industry is: 

    - That an organisation has sufficient Barriers in place to reduce the chance of a Major Accident occurring and to limit the effects should it occur. 

    - That frontline personnel working in Safety Critical Roles, performing Safety Critical Tasks on equipment or systems must be trained and assessed as competent against a standard. 


    Organisations must have a competence assurance system that includes the setting of appropriate competence standards,assessment, and reassessment. There must be a specific link between identified SCTs, roles and responsibilities and a targeted comprehensive management system. 


    We provide Competency Assessment Management System / Front Line Barrier Management System to various Internationally Reputed Oil & Gas firms by our group of assessors who are Certified by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) for: -

    Competency Assessment by Direct and Indirect Methods: L20 / L&D9Di & Internal Verifier for Assessments: L&D 11




    Being highly experienced in providing Competency Assessment Management System, we also provide solutions for ensuring that your internal assessment check sheets are of relevancequality controlled against internationally set standards which will add value in the value chain of your organisation. 


    We also provide Competency Assessment Auditing Services to ensure that your organisation's internal assessments are adhering to international set standards and assessments carried out are up to internationally set assessment quality. 


    Operation and Maintenance

    Petrodia is leading service provider for Operation and Maintenance of Gas Turbines, Instrumentation Devices and other equipment used in Oil and Gas industries. We are dedicated in providing planning and managing operation and maintenance activities of equipment used in Oil & Gas industries to ensure maximum availability of equipment, optimal performance of equipment and minimising downtime to ensure cost is minimised. 

    Operation and Maintainance of Gas Turbine & Compressors

    Our  vast expertise and aptitude in troubleshooting of turbomachinery, which is our core strength has led us to be industry leaders in turbomachinery O&M service provider. We have reached this position because of our unique expertise in in-situ overhauling and repairing of Gas Turbine compressors, pumps at offshore and onshore thereby reducing downtime and increasing availability and reliability of plant equipment.  

    Inspection, Operation & Maintenance of Instrumentation Devices

    We have provided operation and maintenance services of instrumentation devices used in Oil and Gas industries and other process industries, our mission is to ensure maximum availability of equipment and processes thereby no decrease in production due to downtime. 

    We have also done Inspection & Maintenance of explosion proof devices for Offshore platforms, to ensure technical and safety integrity of the instrumentation devices hence increasing plant safety and lowered downtime. 

    Condition Monitoring is an essential preventive maintenance activity which increased the plant's operational integrity and also availability and reliability of equipment and machineries to ensure optimal production of any plant. 
    We provide trend analysis for plants and equipment on yearly contract as well as on demand. Our vast and diverse expertise in process of Oil & Gas Industries enables us to analyse and troubleshoot problems effectively and efficiently also enabling us to plan and carry out preventive maintenance actions effectively.  

    Our expertise in this domain enables us to create maintenance job sheets and performance standards for plant and equipment.  

    We have provided O&M and Condition monitoring services to reputed Oil & Gas companies in India. 



    Safety and HSE Training

    Workplace safety is utmost concern for any organisation, and it gains even more priority when it is an Oil and Gas Industry. Petrodia believes that 'Anyone has the right to stop any unsafe activity' hence safety of the crew is our highest priority and we try to indoctrinate our safety culture which we had adopted from International Oil and Gas Companies to Oil & Gas and other process companies in India.   

    We provide work safety training & standard/ procedure development on

    • Occupational Health Safety (OHSAS 18001/ ISO 45001)
    • Migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001

    • We provide and have Executed HSE AUDITS for various Oil & Gas companies and process companies in India

    We provide process safety training & operating procedure development based on 

    • Swiss Cheese Model (In compliance to OGP 415) 
    • Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) complaint to IEC 61511
    • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) according to IEC 812 and US Dept of Def MIL STD 1629 (A)
    • Asset Integrity Management System

    • We provide and have executed PHSER Studies  for various internationally reputed clients in the Oil and Gas industries in India.


    Specialised software training

    1. We have conducted various training sessions and workshops on safety softwares used in the industry, also we are trusted partners of CGE Risk Management for conducting BowTie XP software training, Incident XP Training and Audit XP Training. 

    • We also provide SAFETI, PHASR, PHA PRO and SilCore software training. 

    We have in the past provided such software training to reputed clients in the Oil and Gas industry, please refer to our projects for more details. 


    Asset Integrity Management

    Asset Integrity Management is encompassed around  Operational Integrity, Design Integrity and Technical Integrity of the plant and asset, for it to perform its specified functionality without any hazard to the environment and its employees. 

    Asset Integrity Management is conducted in various steps:

    • Identifying potential Major Accident Hazards based on National & International statics
    • Conducting workshops to develop BowTie Diagrams and identifying safety critical elements (SCE).
    • Carrying out FMEA Workshops to establish and optimise the required task to enhance the reliability of safety critical equipment to ensure highest level of system integrity. 
    • Developing of Performance Standards
    • Generating Check Sheets/ Task Sheets for establishing performance standards and practises and incorporating the recommendations developed in FMEA analysis. 
    • Competency assessment and management of the crew to ensure they are competent enough to carry out new job standards to the desired level. 
    After successful completion of Asset Integrity Management, the plant will have enhanced level of safety, hence any hazards will be mitigated, reducing hazard for its crew and increase operational relatability leading to increase in production. 


    Engineering Survery

    When a plant or an asset is built or commissioned often it deviates from the original plan, hence during operation & maintenance period proper documentation for the plant's equipment and piping’s for maintenance to be carried out effectively. 


    Unavailability of correct documentation of the plant and equipment also decreases the safety integrity of the plant thereby rise of potential hazards are eminent and risk mitigation will not be effective. 


    Petrodia has provided various engineering services such as to ensure design and safety integrity of the plant is not compromised and the plant can be run at an optimal state, hence reducing downtime, and increasing production.: 


    ·         P&ID Review to ensure implementation of process safety aspects and optimisation of equipment

    ·         P&ID Drawing as BuiltIn 

    ·         Hazardous Area Classification in compliance to API and IEC

    ·         Structural Drawing

    ·         Isometric Drawing Preparation 

    ·         Stress Analysis of Pipelines

    ·         Equipment Layout

    ·         Safety Equipment as Escape route Layout

    ·         Design and Stress Analysis for modifications 

    ·         Small bore piping survey and updating the documents for Offshore Platform

    ·         Piping Detail and Engineering




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