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    HR Solution



    No one understands the value of Human Capital Resource as Petrodia being a knowledge-based company.
    Human Capital is the essential cog and wheel for any organisation and believe having the right person at the right place at the right job can work wonders for any organisation, after various years of experience of running a knowledge-based organisation, we have the expertise to filter the talented individual and put them in the right place in an organisation. 

    Enabling your organisation to always perform at its peak without the hassle of having a dedicated HR team, as our candidates will be always be best suited for the defined job role, due to our years of expertise in this field. 

    Our growing list of well reputed clientele speaks volumes about our capability and expertise in providing Human Resource.  


    Our talent acquisition team consists of managers who has acquired their MBA Degree in Prestigious Universities in the UK and USA coupled with vast years of experience in hiring of highly experienced engineers and non engineers.  

    Our high performing team has the ability to find the right candidate for the right job role from the vast pool of candidates in the market, hence ensuring your organisation is always staffed with competent employees. 

    Our HR Team also provides a range of solutions to ensure organisational goals are in line with the organisational culture. 

    Hr Strategy & Policies

    HR Strategies should be formulated to match with the organisation's goal and milestones. A well defined strategy clearly clarifies the role of the HR team. Moreover it determines the size, structure and cost of resources required to deliver, also ensuring that all HR activities are aligned to business needs.

    HR Strategy is important if an organisation aspires to be the market leader in it's segment, hence it needs to strategise it's resources carefully to ensure optimal performance of the organisation enabling it to deliver goods or services   

    By having a deeper understanding of your business goals and business models, our experts can identify Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your business and your market competitiveness. Hence translate this into potential threats and opportunities of your human resource and their competency. Organisational culture also has an influence in strategic intent of the company to establish itself as a market leader, and our experts evaluates/ conducts gap analysis of organisation's policies, norms etc to evaluate the organisational culture is adhering to the organisation's goal and intent and developing strategies and policies from their analysis. 

    Our experts at Petrodia leverages your current workforce capabilities, provides specific training and development programmes to further nurture your existing workforce, and leverages strategic sourcing to further enhance the competency of your workforce to develop your organisation into market leaders. 

    Human Resource Audit

    Human Resource Audit- is a comprehensive method of systematic and objective verification of current practices, documentation, policies and procedures relevant to the HR System of the organisation. Many organisations give utmost importance in scrutinizing and auditing their financial statements but seldom such importance is given to people related programmes such as training & development, performance management systems and appraisal systems. 

    Auditing the HR programs will reveal any gaps from the current trends in the industry as well as any lags within the organisation for matching its organisational goals. The auditing process will also address ineffectiveness of the HR Department, highlight the reasons for low productivity and analyse failures in delivery of service and product. Thereby the gaps in any of the training & development programs or appraisal system can be highlighted and changed accordingly. This will lead to higher rate of employee retainment hence valuable talent will be successfully retained by the firm hence lower cost of resource development and retention.   

    Auditing of Human Resource will also define clarity in HR Department roles and responsibilities and employee engagement. Thereby creating more transparency in recruitment and appraisal process of the organisation hence developing it self to be a top employer brand in the labour market.  

    Human Resource Audit Creates Value for the organisation by increasing strategic, operating and administrative effectiveness. It also enables the organisation to meet the legislation prerequisites as well. Meanwhile reducing the risk of talent retention and misaligned workforce goals. 


    Leadership Development

    Can leaders be born or nurtured? This is an age old debate, where various scholars debate the fact that leaders are born naturally and posses certain amount charisma to attract followers, whereas other sect of scholars argue that leaders can be nurtured and moulded. Various management gurus have various theories on leadership, but all management scholars/gurus agree that leaders need to be developed despite having born leadership talent. 

    But are managers good leaders? 

    We at Petrodia strongly believe in that theory that leaders need to be nurtured and their leadership skill need to be developed. We have leadership development programmes developed from our vast years of experience in assessing senior level management employees and leader's skill sets, competency and knowledge in the Oil & Gas industries in India and abroad, also developing new talents to be leaders for the future in their respective domain. 

    Our leadership development program consists of capability driven leadership development, role based competency leadership development, audience engagement leadership development, leadership traits development and unique personal trait development. Leadership traits are best uncovered when an individual initiative meets challenging experiences in a real business environment, our development program puts the candidate through such challenges and identifies their leadership traits. Our leadership development is delivered via workshops, feedbacks, mentoring and coaching and tracking individual performance in real business world and providing continuous mentoring while the individual is at his/her organisation and carrying out their respective tasks.   

    Our unique leadership development program has various segments which is not covered by other leadership development programs and our program provides is a continuous learning and development cycle, hence setting us apart from the rest. 

    Performance Management

    Performance Management is a systematic process for improving organizational performance by developing the performance of individuals and teams, hence workforce efforts are directly being reflected in the organisational goals. 

    Performance Management can also be joint goal setting, continuous review, feedback, and coaching of employees to reach the desired level of performance which will eventually shape the organisation's goal. Therefore, all performance management systems should be strategically aligned with the company's goal and intent.   

    Our experts provide performance management frameworks which will encompass around

            Company's strategic goal and intent

            Identifying training and development needs of the employees and creating training programs based on the findings

           Defining job roles and clarifying job descriptions and responsibilities which will create parameter for measuring performance

           Evaluating employee satisfaction level and creating hygiene factors for improved employee satisfaction 


          Developing procedures for creating and maintaining benchmarks and milestones, making performance measurable in a  more coherent manner.  

    A carefully defined performance management process sets the platform for rewarding excellence by aligning individual employee accomplishments with the organizationís mission and objectives and making the employee and the organization understand the importance of a specific job in realizing outcomes. By establishing clear performance expectations which includes results, actions, and behaviours, it helps the employees in understanding what exactly is expected out of their jobs and setting of standards help in eliminating those jobs which are of no use any longer

    Competence Management

    Competence management is often confused with performance management, competence management system evaluates the competence of the personal to carry out his/her specified job. If one is not competent then their performance will be poor leading to inefficiency hence leading to overall organisational in efficiency and which is not desired for any organisation. 

    Competency is mainly based on two factors: 

    • Knowledge
    • Skills

    A person possessing both skills and knowledge can be certified as competent, whereas if one of the components are missing the individual would have to undergo training and assessments in the components the individual is not able to demonstrate. 

    Our expert assessors who are Certified under Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), which is equivalent to NFQ Level 7 (National Framework of Qualification) for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for conducting competency assessment through: 

    • Direct and Indirect Method: L20/ L&D9Di 
    1.  Internal Verifier for Assessments : L&D 11

    Our assessors have vast years of experience of assessing individuals who hold safety critical roles in an organisation dealing with hazardous materials and environment to individuals who hold key managerial and technical roles in an organisation.  

    We also provide competency assessment framework (Direct and Indirect) which will be the founding stones for creating a competency assessment checklist and questionnaire. 

    Petrodia's Competency Assessors also audit internal assessments carried out by any organisation, competency assessments needs to be audited to ensure the assessments, assessment framework are fulfilling the purpose of the competency assessment management system and are they up to international set framework standard. 

    If assessments carried out are of inferior quality as they are not at par with the internationally set framework standards, then the whole competency assessment program is futile as the assee will not be accessed adequately and any incompetence or gaps in skills or knowledge may not fully be discovered. Ultimately leading to poor performance and lowering organisational output and quaility. 

    People Engagement

    Employee engagement is about understanding oneís role in an organisation, and being sighted and energised on where it fits in the organisationís purpose and objectives. 

    Employee engagement is about being included fully as a member of the team, focussed on clear goals, trusted and empowered, receiving regular and constructive feedback, supported in developing new skills, thanked and recognised for achievement.

    Employee engagement can be facilitated by having appropriate hygiene factors in place to allow employees to be able to participate in discussion, engagement with the management, also have clear set definitions on what is expected from them and what the employees expect from the management. 

    Without employee engagement, employee will be distrusting of one another in the team, distrusting the organisation, disloyal to the organisation and lower motivations. Hence leading to overall lowered organisational efficiency and the workforce will not be able to meet the organisation's goals. 

    As Maslow's pyramid of hierarchy states that if the basic level of needs are fulfilled then employees seek self valuation and self actualisation from the organisation, based on their efforts and inputs given to the organisation. If those self needs are not fulfilled then employees get demotivated and lose the will to will to be productive. 

    Our experts from Petrodia, have devised various solutions on this topic. Our experts will analyse your current organisational structure, culture, hierarchy, functional departments, role of HR department within the organisation set up and their limitations and boundaries. After conducting gap analysis on these areas our Human Resource Management experts will formulate change in organisational culture and management which will facilitate rules, policies, regulations and work culture to enable employee engagement to occur in a positive and constructive way which will be meeting the organisational goals. 

    Empowerment Programs

    Employee Empowerment is an effective and powerful tool for increasing employee motivation, yet it is grossly underused in the corporate world. Employee Empowerment when used effectively it can increase business profitability, revive company culture and improve satisfaction - both internally and externally. 

    Research has shown that companies leveraging employee empowerment programs receive 50% higher customer loyalty and retention.  

    Employee empowerment enables the employees and team members to work with freedom and authority which enables them to adapt to the situation and devise products and solutions for the customers, hence improving customer, shareholder and stakeholder engagement and creating innovation. 

    By empowering employees, Strategic Business Units (SBUs) can perform to their maximum capacity, as they will be able to source out appropriate resource, knowledge, tools and best practises to serve the clients and customers and go the extra mile for them. 

    Employee empowerment leads to a satisfied workforce leading to less employee turnover, thus decreasing cost for attracting new talent and hiring, also increasing the organisation's overall efficiency. Hence translating into lesser cost and higher profit generation. 

    Our HR Experts are trained and certified in creating framework for successful implementation of employee empowerment program, and creation of training and development program for managers to implement empowerment program. Our program includes creating levels of empowerment amongst various teams and SBUs to ensure that the right person has the right level of authority to perform their tasks efficiently. Hence adhering to the organisation's policy and goal. 

    Stress Management

    Changing business demands and economic conditions has lead to businesses changing their operating model and work culture such as adapting to Just In Time (JIT) methods, decreasing workforce strength to reduce cost and make their operations more effective. 

    Whereas this change in business dynamics has led to increased profitability, but also has increased work pressure and challenges faced by employees. 

    Does your employees

    • Skip lunch and stay glued to their desks? 
    • Work beyond their working hours?
    • Work on weekends? 
    • Often take work to home?  
    • Overly emotional or agitated?
    • Lower attention Span?
    If they do any of the above, they are not dedicated workers, but they are in fact very stressed about their work and to deal with the amount of work demanded from them they often lose work life balance. 

    A stressed workforce is not ideal for any organisation and it is infectious as other SBUs or departments may start to resent or fear their job by observing a group of stressed employees. Fearing that soon they will be facing similar situation. 

    Our solution experts formulate change in management culture, business processes and organisational culture to accommodate employee's emotional well being. Which enables better communication amongst employees and management, provision for providing mental health support, reducing workloads and creation of realistic deadlines without impacting the business model. Review of performance and creation of performance standards encompassing employee and company wellbeing to name a few. 

    Outcome will be a happier and motivated workforce leading to higher employee retention hence reducing the cost of the company to hire resources and increasing profitability also not to mention the added fringe benefits of being top employer in the specific industry. 

    excellence in engineering services Since 2007.

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